online giving

At Our Lady of Grace Church we offer a web based offertory solution. We provide this service, so that you have the option to manage your contributions online. This service is safe and secure, requires no special software, and is convenient for you and our parish staff. The parish will provide data for your records and for tax purposes but will not have use of the information for any other purpose.

If you would like to make a one-time gift, set up a weekly, monthly, or even annual donation please click the ONLINE GIVING button below.

When we give, it acknowledges God as the giver of everything we have, reflects our trust that He will continue to provide for us, and allows us to be a part of His work here on earth. It’s something we do with joy. With God’s favor and your faithful support, Our Lady of Grace Church will continue to have an incredible impact in our community, our parish, and for our children.

online giving faq

  • What are the advantages of Online Giving?
    It makes it easy to fulfill stewardship commitments, even when you are unable to attend church. You never have to bring cash or checks to church. Giving electronically also helps the church save money and plan its budget!
  • How are my contributions automatically deducted from my account?
    Once you create your account, the contribution amount you specify will automatically be transferred from your bank account to the church's bank account.
  • When will my contribution be deducted from my account?
    Your electronic contribution will be debited on the date you specify.
  • If I do not write checks, how do I keep my checkbook balance straight?
    Since your contribution is made at a pre-established time, you simply record it in your check register on the appropriate date. Electronic contributions are recorded for you on your bank statement as well as your online reports.
  • Without a canceled check, how can I prove I made my contribution?
    Your bank statement provides an itemized list of electronic transactions as well as your online reports.
  • Can I put different amounts in offerings and have all of them withdrawn at different times?
    You can set up to contribute to different offerings at different times; However, you will have to do each one separately. You will receive a receipt for each one.
  • What if I change bank accounts?
    Simply login and update your account information.
  • What if I try Online Giving and don't like it?
    You can cancel your authorization by deleting your credit card and/or bank account information along with your donation dates.
  • How do I sign up for Online Giving?
    Click on this link to register

    It's that simple!


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

“… Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows

bountifully will also reap bountifully.” With these words, St. Paul challenges the

Christians of Corinth to be eager in their support for their Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

This passage continues to offer the same call to the Faithful, to us today.

The Catholic Faith Appeal (CFA) of the Diocese of Venice is one way to sow

generously and aid in the reaping of a bountiful harvest in your life. Through your support,

the Diocese is able to provide many of the ministries and programs highlighted in the

following pages. By means of these many efforts to sow seeds in the field of the Lord, the

joy of the Gospel is shared and witnessed throughout the Diocese of Venice.

The CFA supports Diocesan outreach programs and initiatives, among which are

included: children being educated in Catholic Schools and Parish Religious Education

Programs; those who suffer with HIV/AIDS being provided nutrition; elderly, vulnerable,

and marginalized being housed and cared for; seminarians being formed and prepared for

priesthood; people of all ages being drawn closer to Christ; and much more.

It is the heartfelt generosity of the Faithful that enables the Diocese of Venice to

touch the lives of so many in the name of the Lord Jesus. Through your support, won’t you

be part of the Catholic Faith Appeal? In this way you are part of our vital endeavors.

Thank you for your efforts to realize a bountiful harvest for the Catholic Faith

Appeal, yourself, and all who will benefit. With sincere gratitude, I offer my continued

prayers for you and your family

Sincerely yours in Christ,

+ Frank J. Dewane

Bishop of the Diocese of

Venice in Florida

Catholic Faith Appeal Brochure 2018

Catholic Faith Appeal FAQ Flier 2018

Catholic Faith Appeal FAQ Flier (Spanish) 2018